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An attractive, high yielding fixed income investment

The mortgages of Orange Credit Hypotheken provide attractive yields in combination with low risk for institutional investors. We offer investors maximum flexibility on investment format and investment criteria, backed up by a robust mortgage servicing infrastructure and a well-balanced, experienced team of industry experts. We have an in-depth understanding of the demands in the Dutch mortgage market.

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The easiest access to a high yielding alternative fixed income class

The Dutch mortgage market provides attractive yields. Combined with a strong track record from a risk perspective. Over the past years the LTV and LTI ratios have improved significant due to clear regulations. Orange Credit Hypotheken is now offering an easy access to the Dutch mortgage market for institutional investors who want to profit from the attractive yields.

We have the largest origination capability of the Netherlands, ensuring high volumes in Dutch mortgage loans. Combined with a sound pricing policy and distinctive product features we are able to originate high quality and high yielding mortgage loans.

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