“As with all of the successful mortgage-related companies that we have founded, the key driver is simultaneously to improve both the customer experience and the process from orientation until full repayment. The Dutch mortgage market has shown it's ability to weather previous crises successfully, providing a robust lending environment. Against that background of proven performance, we have again identified room for innovation that is beneficial for both the borrower and the investor. Welcome at Orange Credit

Jeroen Walhout, mortgage entrepreneur


Company: Orange Credit

Orange Credit's mortgage lending operation represents a compelling proposition in the market for Dutch residential mortgage loans to prime quality borrowers. The combination of a transparent, simple and reliable mortgage product with straightforward market access results in a robust mortgage portfolio in terms of yield, quality and sustainability...

  • 100% dedicated focus on first lien mortgages on owner-occupied residential properties in the Netherlands.
  • Combining market credibility, distribution capability, innovative pricing, intelligent product features & ultra-efficient processing for the benefit of borrowers, intermediaries and investors.
  • Mortgage Tech: It's in the Orange Credit DNA.
  • Located in Tilburg - proximity to leading academic and business school capabilities for joint research projects & potential recruitment.








The Dutch mortgage market is one of the largest and best performing in Europe - EUR100bn+ of new production per annum / EUR740bn+ of outstanding loans. A well-established culture of debt repayment and strong creditor protections, including full recourse to the borrowers, have resulted in a history of low arrears and credit losses...

  • Prime quality borrowers & owner-occupied residential properties.
  • Primarily long-dated, fixed rate loans.
  • Attractive yields - typically c.60-80bps higher than in neighbouring countries.
  • Tax deductibility of mortgage interest payments for borrowers.
  • Increasing emphasis on digitalisation, sustainability & energy efficiency.


Thanks to the management team’s in-depth knowledge of - and extensive experience in - the Dutch mortgage market, Orange Credit is well positioned to launch standard mortgage products with distinctive features. These innovative product features make the Orange Credit mortgage loan a well-balanced product that is highly attractive for the target audience...

  • Well-balanced product for the target audience - existing home-owners.
  • Innovative & intelligent product features.
  • Distinctive pricing strategy & charging model.
  • Straightforward market access for investors, plus a highly competitive fee structure that preserves net yields.

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If you have any questions for us or if you are interested in our product and/or services, feel free to contact us. Below you will find our contact details.

Orange Credit Hypotheken BV

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